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Dental Crown Woodburn OR

Rendering of jaw with dental crownAt Mid Valley Family Dental, we can protect damaged, cracked, broken, or weakened teeth with the placement of a dental crown. Saving a natural tooth and root structure is important to your dental health. Patients are generally not thrilled at the costs of tooth crowns, but the long term costs and problems of not placing one can far surpass protecting and saving that natural tooth structure. Our team, can evaluate the situation and offer advice that benefits both your immediate and long term needs.

What is a dental crown?

We like to suggest that patients consider tooth crowns to be like a shield for their damaged or weakened tooth. It works like a cap, placed entirely over the original tooth structure, leaving the damaged tooth to remain protected beneath, allowing all chewing pressure and debris to only come in contact with the crown. This protects the original tooth from needing to be extracted, which can have far more serious consequences to your oral health.

Why not just have the tooth extracted?

For some patients, tooth extraction may not sound like a big deal; in the past, it was much more common practice. Today, we try our best to save all the necessary teeth, which would be every tooth beyond your wisdom teeth. Saving your teeth keeps the neighboring teeth from shifting, which can affect your bite and jaw alignment, it keeps your bone from losing mass through atrophy, and saving your teeth keeps your smile beautiful. Your health and self-confidence is important to us, as it should be to you.

When is a dental crown needed?

Crowns are needed when a tooth is damaged. This may be due to:

•  The tooth being weakened following endodontic therapy, also known as Root Canal Therapy. Removing the infected pulp can save a tooth, but it does weaken it, making it more likely to break.

•  The tooth has been cracked or fractured. Cracks and fractures can happen with normal use; it is common, the problem with it is that small hairline cracks can allow bacteria passage into your tooth, causing decay and infection.

•  The tooth has broken. Whether from an impact injury or for other reasons, a broken tooth can be painful and a problem. By placing a dental crown, we can protect the tooth, ease the pain, and save it from otherwise necessary extraction.

Our team at Mid Valley Family Dental can save your natural tooth structure, saving you from other larger, and more expensive procedures. We can customize the right crown for you, in various materials including gold, metal, porcelain, zirconia or other ceramic options.

Our front office staff is happy to assist you in scheduling appointments and answering your questions. Call us today at (503) 981-5111.

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Dental Crowns Woodburn, OR • Mid Valley Family Dental
At Mid Valley Family Dental, we can protect damaged, cracked, broken, or weakened teeth with the placement of a dental crown. Schedule an appointment today!
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