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Emergency Dentist Woodburn OR

Facing a dental emergency can be a frightening and painful experience.

These situations can often leave patients feeling disoriented and may affect decision-making abilities. When dental emergencies arise unexpectedly, it's crucial to stay composed and act swiftly.

These emergencies are usually serious and demand immediate dental attention.

The sooner you seek emergency dental care, the better your chances of receiving timely treatment, relieving your pain, and saving your tooth.

Seeking prompt care can also reduce the risk of the condition or injury worsening, potentially requiring more invasive procedures. In Woodburn, our emergency dentistry team is prepared to assist you during those painful moments.

If you or a family member suffers from a dental emergency do not hesitate to call 911!

What is a Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency is when there is damage to your teeth or gums. We handle various dental issues that necessitate emergency care. Below, we provide more detailed information about some of our services:

Chipped or Cracked Teeth

A chipped or cracked tooth is vulnerable to infection and decay. Visiting us for prompt repair can help protect the tooth from bacteria and prevent the need for future extraction.

Knocked-Out Tooth

If your tooth gets knocked out, time is of the essence.

You should visit our dentist within an hour for a chance to have the tooth reinserted into its socket. The sooner you reach us, the higher the likelihood of saving the tooth.

Avoid handling the knocked-out tooth by its root, keep it moist in your mouth or in milk, and contact our office immediately to consult with our emergency dentist.

Severe Tooth Pain

Persistent and severe tooth pain may indicate an underlying issue that requires immediate attention. Our dentist can identify the cause and provide rapid relief. While you prepare to visit us, you can use a cold compress to alleviate the pain.

Abscessed Tooth

The development of pus-filled pockets at the tip of a tooth's root due to infection can be extremely painful.

An abscess is undeniably a dental emergency. If left untreated, the infection can spread to the jaw, or even enter your bloodstream, posing a risk to other organs like the heart and brain.

Seek emergency care if you have an abscessed gum or tooth.

Soft Tissue Injuries

In case of gum or other soft tissue injuries in the mouth, such as cuts on the cheeks or lips, you can visit our dentist for treatment. Soft tissue injuries like cuts and punctures can be painful and carry the risk of infection.

They can occur due to accidental lip biting, floss or toothbrush mishaps, or sharp tooth edges causing cuts.

Some Situations Require the Emergency Room

However, for serious facial trauma unrelated to teeth, such as a broken jaw or torn skin, it is advisable to go to an emergency room instead of our dental clinic.

A broken jaw can cause severe pain and disrupt mouth or bite function.

Visit Our Emergency Dentists in Woodburn

Our dental clinic sets aside dedicated time in our schedule to accommodate patients in need of urgent dental care.

Feel free to reach out to us at (503) 981-5111 or visit Mid Valley Family Dental to meet our emergency dentist in Woodburn for all of your dental emergencies.

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