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Close up of a woman putting Invisalign clear aligners on her teeth from Mid Valley Family Dental in Woodburn, ORHaving straighter teeth means a healthier smile. While receiving Invisalign treatment can help you re-establish a more beautiful smile, there are also health benefits that come with straight teeth. If you have crooked teeth, you can straighten them with Invisalign® clear aligners.

At Mid Valley Family Dental, our Invisalign dentist can help improve your bite fit and dental health. Invisalign aligners not only provide an inconspicuous teeth straightening solution but are also comfortable and easily removable during your routine dental care, oral hygiene, and when enjoying your favorite foods.

What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign clear aligners are a series of aligner trays fabricated using clear, flexible plastic. They work just like regular metal braces, correcting issues like malocclusion, gapped teeth, crowding, overbites, crossbites, and underbites. Each set of trays works on your teeth for two weeks, or as our dentist advises, before progressing to the next set. Invisalign aligners are a suitable choice for teens and adults needing to address mild to moderate orthodontic issues. The system is ideal for those seeking a more discreet and convenient treatment option.

How Invisalign Works

When you visit our orthodontic dentist for teeth straightening, we will first inspect your mouth. Our dentist will ask about your cosmetic goals and what you want to achieve from the treatment. After evaluation and looking at your bite, the dentist informs you whether you are fit for Invisalign. Some severe bite issues may need the use of regular metal braces to correct them.

Once we see that you are a candidate, our Invisalign specialist starts the molding process. We obtain digital scans, x-rays, and other images to help devise precise models of the mouth and teeth. From these details and models, we custom-fabricate your aligner trays.

During the next appointment, you will have your first tray fitted by our dentist. We may mount little attachments over the teeth to help keep the tray held securely in place as you get used to wearing it. After the first fitting, we give instructions on how you will be fitting the rest of the trays in the series. We will also explain the aftercare program to you.

We require you to have the trays in your mouth for 22 hours each day to achieve effective teeth movements. While follow-up appointments are fewer than when using traditional braces, they are still crucial in ensuring the teeth are shifting. Approximately every two weeks, you will change the tray unless we advise otherwise. The Invisalign treatment takes approximately nine to 18 months to complete.

Invisalign is not painful at any stage, whether it is the molding procedure, fitting the trays, or wearing them. You should ensure that you do your daily brushing and flossing normally after removing the trays. When reinserting the trays, it is prudent to clean them well with cold or warm water. Avoid using hot water since it could deform them, considering that they are fabricated of plastic material. After the treatment is completed, you will wear retainers to prevent the newly straightened teeth from shifting back to undesirable positions.

The Benefits of Invisalign

Apart from having a convenient, comfortable, and almost invisible way of straightening your teeth, Invisalign also has other additional benefits. You are not restricted on what to eat. You can enjoy your favorite drinks and foods, but make sure you are not going overboard with sugary foods or other items that can damage teeth.

Invisalign trays are completely removable, allowing you to eat or brush your teeth without them in your mouth. You will not have uncomfortable metal brackets and wires that may irritate the teeth, cheeks, and gums. Further, the dental appointments after your first tray fitting are fewer. You will need to see our Invisalign dentist every four to six weeks for checkups and monitoring of the straightening process.

Invisalign FAQs

People seeking to have their crooked or misaligned teeth straightened may have many questions to ask. We answer any questions before, during, and after the treatment. During the consultation step, we request you to bring forward any questions, concerns, or suggestions you might have, and we will guide you accordingly. Here are some FAQs we hear about Invisalign from our patients.

Can anyone receive Invisalign?

Sadly, not every patient can be considered fit for Invisalign treatment. Children are not typically fitted with clear aligners since their mouths and bones, including the teeth, are still growing. Teens and adults having mild to moderate bite alignment issues are considered candidates. It is also prudent that a patient remains committed to putting on the aligners for the designated 22 hours every day.

How long will I wear the Invisalign trays?

The treatment takes around 9 to 18 months. In most cases, the duration depends on the individual case and the complexity of the misalignment or bite issue. Some people may spend more months wearing the aligners while others spend fewer months. If you had an orthodontic relapse, meaning that you wore braces during your childhood and are now encountering minor tooth movements, then the treatment with Invisalign may be quicker, lasting three to four months.

On average, most adult patients are able to complete the treatment between 10 to 12 months of wearing the aligners. For complex cases, you can have the aligners for as long as two years. Our Invisalign dentist is committed to helping patients align their smiles within the shortest time possible.

Why is Invisalign better than regular metal braces?

Since Invisalign is clear, other people will not know you have aligner trays in your mouth. Additionally, clear aligners can be removed; therefore, you can have them out of your mouth during flossing, brushing, or eating. You have no food restrictions, so you can consume what you enjoy as long as it is healthy for your teeth and gums.

Visit us at Mid Valley Family Dental to meet our Invisalign dentist, who will guide you through the process and the expectations. Contact us at (503) 981-5111 to book an appointment to start your journey to achieving a straighter smile.

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