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Partial Dentures Woodburn OR

Rendering of removable partial dentureTooth loss is a serious issue that can happen for some different reasons. One of the most common causes of tooth loss is periodontal, or gum, disease. You may also lose teeth as a result of facial trauma, such as a fall at work or home or a sports injury. When you lose teeth, your whole life is affected. At Mid Valley Family Dental, we can provide you with a replacement for several missing teeth with partial dentures.

The Effects of Losing Several Teeth

When you lose several teeth, there are some different issues that occur. These issues include:

•  A decrease in the quality of your smile, which can cause your confidence to drop.

•  Difficulty eating properly. You may find it more challenging to eat many of your favorite foods. Additionally, the inability to chew properly can impact your digestion and overall nutrition.

•  An increased risk for tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth damage.

•  You may develop a lisp or have other difficulties speaking properly.

•  Healthy teeth begin to shift out of proper alignment, which alters your bite, leading to bruxism and TMD.

What are Partial Dentures?

Partial dentures are a traditional treatment for replacing a section of missing teeth. It is a removable device that consists of an acrylic base that holds acrylic resin teeth. The teeth are designed to look exactly like natural teeth, and the base is colored to match your natural gum tissue. These features provide a much more natural appearance than older styles of dentures. The base is made to rest directly on your gums, which provide support for your new teeth. Partial dentures also have metal clasps that attach to your healthy teeth, providing you with additional support.

Acclimating to Your New Teeth

When you first get your new partial dentures, the restoration will take some time to get used to. You may notice some discomfort at first, but it should not be unbearable. Your denture may also feel a little strange. There are ways that you can help yourself to adjust faster. Start out eating soft foods while you get used to your new partials. Stay away from foods that are hard, crunchy, chewy, or sticky.

As you acclimate, you can gradually add foods back into your diet. You may also notice that your speech is a little strange at first. The best way to adjust to speaking with your new dentures is to practice. Your partial dentures will start to feel more normal as time goes on. If you notice significant pain, however, or discomfort after several weeks, call the office immediately.

Taking Care of Partial Dentures

Your partial dentures will require some additional special care to do their job properly as well as to keep your mouth healthy. Every night, they need to be removed for cleaning and then left out to soak while you sleep. Before removing your dentures, place a folded towel on the counter or fill your sink with water. This will provide you with a cushion if you accidentally drop your partials. After removing them, brush them with a soft bristled toothbrush and denture paste or soap and water. Take care around the metal clasps. Do not use toothpaste, which can otherwise cause microscopic scratches on your dentures that can trap bacteria.

After brushing your dentures, place them in a glass of denture cleaning solution in a safe place. Brush your teeth as normal, your gums, and your other intraoral tissues. The next morning, after you brush your teeth and gums, rinse your partial dentures under water and carefully set them back in place before you go about your day.

If you are missing a section of teeth, a partial denture can provide you with a way to restore the functions of those teeth, as well as the appearance of your smile. Call Mid Valley Family Dental at (503) 981-5111 today to schedule your appointment and find out if partial dentures are right for you.

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