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Periodontal Care Woodburn OR

Diagram of periodontitis and health tooth from Mid Valley Family Dental in Woodburn, ORPeriodontal care plays an important role in diagnosing, preventing, and treating periodontal disease, a condition when the gums get infected by bacteria. Periodontal disease is one of the leading causes of tooth loss in individuals. Failing to treat periodontal disease at an early stage can not only result in tooth loss but also damage nearby tissues and jawbone.

Risk factors for periodontal disease include poor dental hygiene, smoking, alcohol consumption, and various diseases such as diabetes mellitus and osteoporosis. Periodontal disease occurs when plaque and tartar build-up leads to inflammation of the gums. This provides bacteria with a pathway into the bloodstream and, by extension, the liver and kidneys. This is why it is essential to book an appointment with our skilled dentists at Mid Valley Family Dental.

Periodontal disease often shows no symptoms in its earliest stages, and it is easy to ignore the condition until it results in dire consequences on oral health. The advantages of periodontal care go beyond tooth protection and gum healing.

Pain Relief

Infected gums that are filled with bacteria can be tender, painful, and sore due to bleeding. It can also make it difficult to brush and floss your teeth, which can make the condition worse. Through periodontal care, you may gain relief from pain and other uncomfortable conditions. Once periodontal care is administered, the symptoms of periodontal care should start to mitigate, allowing the patient to feel better.

A Brighter Smile

Both the gums and teeth go hand in hand in improving the appearance of your smile. Periodontal disease can cause gums to swell and bleed, causing an unsightly appearance that may discourage you from smiling more often. However, thanks to periodontal care, you can clean your gums and teeth and greatly improve your smile.

Prevent Health Issues

Periodontal disease can be dangerous because it allows bacteria to enter the bloodstream and affect organs in the body, such as the kidneys and liver. With periodontal care, these bacteria can be stopped in their tracks and improve your health conditions. It is worth mentioning that periodontal disease may itself be a symptom of another health disorder. Identifying and treating this health disorder may be crucial in preserving your health.

Getting Rid of Bad Breath

Bad breath that doesn’t go away after brushing your teeth may be an indication of periodontal disease. It often occurs due to a lack of oral hygiene that causes the build-up of plaque and tartar below the gumline. Periodontal care can significantly improve your breath.

Better Cardiovascular Health

Periodontal disease can allow bacteria to invade the bloodstream and cause all kinds of havoc, including cardiovascular disease. Regular periodontal care can significantly improve your quality of life and prevent any cardiovascular disease due to poor gum health.

Worried if you have periodontal disease? Book an appointment with Kendall F. Horn, D.M.D. to learn more about the benefits of periodontal care. Call us at (503) 981-5111 now for a dental exam to identify all of your treatment options. Along with providing periodontal care, we can treat cavities with the use of dental fillings, and much more.

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Regular periodontal care can significantly improve your quality of life and prevent cardiovascular disease due to poor gum health. Schedule an appointment today!
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