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Tooth-Colored Fillings Woodburn OR

3D rendering of three teeth showing a tooth-colored inlay, onlay, and crownWe can repair your teeth and leave them looking natural. We understand that you want your dental work to hide in your mouth. You can have your teeth restored, and it can be your secret. Modern tooth colored fillings using composite material is the best choice today for dealing with cavities and other minor tooth decay. Our staff will work with you in matching the shade and improving your bite while repairing damage including holes and chips.

What are tooth colored fillings?

Tooth colored fillings are created using a composite material, it is a blend of quartz and resin that can be adjusted to match your natural tooth color. In the past dentists would shy away from tooth colored fillings in high bite pressure areas, but the material used today is stronger and more durable, helping you have better results. Best of all, composite material is more natural looking and have no known health risks, which is a concern for some patients with silver amalgam fillings.

Composite versus Amalgam

Composite has been available for decades, but in recent years has advanced to being the product of choice for making repairs and restorations to teeth. Some of its characteristics include:

•  Adherence: Composite is created using crushed quartz material that is blended with a resin, because of the resin used it will adhere firmly to your teeth when placed correctly. We will only need to grind out the damaged or decayed portion of the tooth, meaning less of the natural tooth structure is removed.

•  Moldable: Composite material is moldable, this has opened a new level of tooth repair. Besides repairing cavities, we can also fix chips, close gaps, and make other simple repairs.

•  Shaded to Match: Composite material can be shaded to match your neighboring teeth. This helps your dental work be discreet, hidden in your mouth.

Amalgam has been the standard tooth filler for many decades. It is known for its silver color and as a durable product. There are several downsides to amalgam including:

•  Color: The dark silver coloring of amalgam means that it is highly visible in your mouth. Some patients may find it embarrassing for others to visually see dental work.

•  Metal: Amalgam is created with a blend of metals and mercury. Though the level of mercury used in it is approved by the American Dental Association as being acceptable, many patients express a dislike of having metals and mercury placed in their body.

•  Tooth Preparation: Amalgam does not have the same adherence that composite material has, so we are forced to reshape the tooth to accommodate the material, this may result in more tooth structure being removed than needed to remove the decay.

Tooth colored fillings today are generally preferred over amalgam fillings. If you need restoration work done, or if you currently have amalgam fillings, Dr. Horn can replace them with composite fillings. Call Mid Valley Family Dental today at (503) 981-5111.

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Modern tooth colored fillings using composite material is the best choice today for dealing with cavities and other minor tooth decay. Book an appointment today!
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